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The Relationship Becoming Even More Critical to Your Success

Once upon a time it was enough for recruiters to just keep looking for more and more candidates to send to hiring managers, hoping at least a few would be a fit.  Every day recruiters spent time trying to find candidates for positions not fully defined and tracking down hiring managers to give them the information they really needed.

Now the concept of recruiter as trusted advisor is building momentum with hiring managers and recruiting management. It is obviously a critical avenue to improve recruiting results and besides—it make great sense. But unfortunately building a business relationship takes more than working hard to find great candidates.

I believe spending time building these relationships is more important to your career right now than looking for yet another sourcing technique.

“Your success will always be based on the degree to which you are trusted by your stakeholders.” The Trusted Advisor, Charles Green & Andrea Howe

More and more we see evidence that recruiting managers are demanding their recruiters be able to function as business partners with their hiring managers. That skill is now included in the requirements for hiring new recruiters as well as becoming a component of performance reviews.

Building a relationship of credibility and being able to effectively connect with hiring managers in order to act as an advisor is one of those things we all think we:

a) define the same way everyone else does and b) should be able to do.

Of course, both of those things are just not true. You probably are finding that lots of people telling you to function as a trusted advisor to your hiring managers cannot give you specifics on how to do that.

No worries.  I’m going to share down-to-earth techniques that will absolutely help you build a trusted advisor relationships with your hiring managers. When you do these things, you’ll shatter any idea they may have that you are an order taker.

Make it a focus and the benefits will impact every aspect of your recruiting career.

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