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10 Reasons to Avoid having a Launch Meeting –All of Them Bogus

There are a variety of reasons you may hear from hiring managers or even yourself as to why you don’t need to do the launch meeting on a particular search. You may also be good at coming up with reasons that give you permission to avoid the launch meeting. Ignore them all.

Here are some of the “reasons” you’ll have to be strong enough to ignore.

  1. We did a similar search just a few months ago. Let’s use that information.
  2. Just use the job description as the posting. That is good enough.
  3. Let’s do the hiring manager a favor and not take up their time with a launch conversation.
  4. The position is just a {fill in the blank}. How hard can that be?
  5. The hiring manager is traveling, on vacation, out sick, etc., so let’s just get started.
  6. The hiring manager doesn’t want to spend the time.
  7. We have a simple “intake” form. Let’s just have the hiring manager fill that out.
  8. Feeling that, as the recruiter, if you ask all the launch questions, you will seem uninformed.
  9. We’ve been filling these positions for ages; what information can you possibly need at this point?
  10. We’ve never done a launch meeting before, yet we are filling positions. So maybe we just don’t need to do that step.

Here are some tips on getting the hiring manager to agree to have the launch discussion with you.


This meeting can make all the difference between a successful search and one that goes off the rails. And the good questions you’ll ask in a launch meeting will get your hiring manager to see you as a trusted advisor. Insist on that meeting!

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