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Tips to Ensure Your New Hire Shows Up On Monday Morning

scared_behind_chair_400_clr_3272Do a variation of the things Mark Suster discusses in his article, Why Recruiting Isn’t Over When an Employee Accepts Your Offer, to to help ensure you don’t get one of those calls where the candidate is letting you know they are changing their mind, and are not going to take your job. While he talks about this topic in terms of start up companies, you and I know it can make a difference in every company.

The best part: Think about how to get your hiring manager engaged in this part of the recruiting process. It goes beyond typical traditional onboarding, and lets you demonstrate your consultative recruiting abilities.

Recruiting is brutal. If you put in a Herculean effort to get employees and then lose them after you’ve crossed the finish line, you will waste enormous energy. It’s a shame that you have to launch a welcoming committee to bear hug your incoming hire and to run an external communication plan because an acceptance should be final but reality is reality. Trust me–I’ve seen it happen time again.
You’re never done till you’re done.
1. Acknowledge that recruiting doesn’t stop until the employee has joined your company
2. The moment you get an “accept” you should have all of your key employees email, call or even grab lunch/drinks/coffee with the new recruit to welcome her to the team. Your goal is to create emotional bonds with the company and also to think twice about the perception that will be formed of her for accepting and then backing out (which in case you didn’t know is more common than it should be)”

For more ways to ensure the candidate shows up on Monday morning, check out the rest of this article by Mark Suster:


NOTE: A recruiter I know would send the candidate, with their permission, a box of business cards with their new company and title. He would send immediately upon the candidate’s verbal acceptance of the offer. Obviously they were sent to the candidate’s home! This significantly decreased the “I’ve changed my mind” calls. Plus it made the candidates feel welcomed to their new company.

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