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Hiring Tips from Steve Jobs to Influence Your Hiring Managers

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Interesting article sharing some of Steve Jobs’ wisdom about hiring as a basic, critical strategy to build a successful business. You’ll also be delighted to read his conclusion after years of hiring that:

“hiring was the most important thing he did”and
Recruiting is hard.”

One of the suggestions may be something you can help your hiring manager do if you would like to see them consider higher performance candidates:

Take a minute and look at the people around you. Are they A-players? Or are they B and C-players? A-players are motivated, engaged and creative. They are performance-driven and have high expectations for themselves and for others. B and C-players, on the other hand, often do just enough to get by and to be paid for it.

This analysis/conversation is perfect to be woven into your launch meeting at the beginning of a new search. It may be something your hiring manager hasn’t had the time to even think about.

For more of Steve Jobs’ thoughts on how to hire the best, read the article here: http://recruitloop.com/blog/steve-jobs-top-hiring-tip-hire-the-best/

My only caution about reading this article is that there are places that represent what drives me crazy. There is a lot of “should” but no “here’s how exactly to do that” here.

For example, this is certainly a great perspective,

Besides the action steps for effective hiring, a good recruitment process is also about evaluating and testing candidates to make sure that you hire the best person for the job. And the key to evaluating candidates is choosing the best interview questions to ask.

But when I refer to “the best interview questions to ask”, I don’t mean using generic interview questions either. You know the ones I’m talking about – they sound a bit like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?

In contrast, the best interview questions give you a comprehensive insight into the person behind the résume. They reveal the candidate’s values; personality; strengths; weaknesses; knowledge; past behaviours; competencies and skills.


And you can safely bet anything at all that there isn’t one hint about how to get “the best interview questions” much less how to get your hiring manager to ask them!

For one example of questions that are going to get you really good information and insight into whether you have the right player, check out my post here.

For more strategies to build influence with your hiring managers, check out my new book on Amazon (even Prime shipping): The Consultative Recruiter


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