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Why Finding Great Candidates Isn’t Enough

flatcoverpeople w stars why greatWhat Really Makes You A Successful Recruiter in the Eyes of Management & Hiring Managers?

As a new recruiter (more years ago than I can bear to read in print), I “learned” that candidates were my success currency. That conclusion was the message of the 20 minutes of training I got. As I learned recruiting from those in the cubicles around me, that was the ongoing message.

And what we all came to believe was that if we sourced, screened and presented great candidates, we would be considered successful. That would result in real business relationships in which we had credibility and could even influence hiring manager behavior.

Over time, I began to realize I was missing something–something people never told me about, much less did they teach me how to bridge that gap. What was I missing?

It would have made my life easier if I had known about this recent Deloitte research finding those many years ago. It may not come as a surprise to you.

Developing strong relationships with hiring managers is the top driver of talent acquisition performance. Our research shows that this is the top driver of TA performance and four times more influential than the other performance drivers (out of 16 discussed in the main report). The impact of effective hiring manager relationships is realized through not only smarter hiring decisions and increased productivity but also with the greater perception of talent acquisition as a whole in the organization. Bersin by Deloitte research

You might be interested in the 2-page report you can get from the link above.

Of course you have to be able to produce a quantity of qualified candidates. But you also need to go beyond that, and here is how to start.

I think my ebook will also be interesting because it explains WHY finding great candidates isn’t enough. And even better, it shares some of my tips on building strong relationships with your hiring managers.

I’ve found lots of people will say you SHOULD have those kinds of relationships but not many can tell you HOW. Please let me help you build relationships that will give you more credibility and influence with your hiring managers.

It’s a quick read with critical factors you may not have been taught yet: Why Finding Great Candidats Isn’t Enough ebook

To get more of the incredibly simple and effective techniques to build those essential relationships, sign up for my free Consultative Recruiter Newsletter.

My book, The Consultative Recruiter, is finally live on Amazon. Check it out.

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