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Why These People are Happy & Your HM Is Not

happy woman silowetteThese people are that often reviled group known as job jumpers. Even today, many hiring managers may immediately discount a great candidate for being a job jumper.

Here are some points from a great article by Dr. John Sullivan. You probably know these already, but there is great info here to share with your hiring managers. Maybe not all 10 reasons at one time, but pick the one that each hiring manager will most relate to. 

For example, if you have a sport-minded hiring manager, consider #7:

Would you rather have LeBron for one year or Homer Simpson for 4.6? –  nearly 50 percent of former job jumpers stay at their next firm more than two years, and the average hire stays only 4.6 years. And most that “run the numbers” have found that short-term excellence is significantly better than long-term mediocrity! When you hire a superstar who may well leave within 18-24 months, you still have a great opportunity to use their skills and learn from them. Superstars frequently move on, but the tremendous short-term gain and “push forward” that they provide makes hiring them worthwhile. Having an average employee for as little as two more years simply won’t likely produce the same business results.

You may be surprised if you ask your hiring managers to share with you what their concerns are about hiring someone who does have this job history. Doing that also makes it easier to know which reason to use in your conversation, rather than guessing what they are thinking.

For more strategies to build influence with your hiring managers, check out my new book on Amazon (even Prime shipping): The Consultative Recruiter

Find the rest of the great ways to explain this to your hiring managers here: http://www.ere.net/2015/06/01/the-top-10-reasons-why-rejecting-job-jumpers-is-dumb-and-a-missed-opportunity/

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