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CC BY by Drew Coffman
CC BY by Drew Coffman

The 3 Writing Secrets to Great Postings Even if You Tanked in High School English

Unless you are the only recruiter in the country looking for a certain type of candidate, you are facing stiff competition to get your positions filled. In the world today, it’s important to stand out if you want the sought-after candidates to be interested in your position. Your posting is a key component in accelerating your time to fill. And if you are in an external recruiting firm, that means more profit from the search. No matter where you are recruiting, it also means happier hiring managers.

This is an excerpt from a bonus report How to Create Postings They Cannot Resist available with my updated book on Amazon: The Consultative Recruiter.

If you put in your posting what you would SAY to a great candidate when you get them on the phone, you’ll get more great candidates. Plus you won’t have to say all that good stuff to every candidate over and over—think of the time you’ll save.

The more detail you can provide about what the job really is, the more excited your ideal candidates will be.

No “job description speak” because no one really understands what it means. I’m talking about that language you find in almost every JD in the world. You’ll know it because it seems to make sense the first time you read it, and yet ultimately doesn’t give any real details about the real job. So if you do nothing else, translate JDSpeak to what it means in the real world.

For example, if the JD says one of the responsibilities will be to solve complex technical problems, give the candidate an example of a problem they would be called on to solve. No one will be able to figure out what you mean otherwise. And you’ll be amazed at how much more interesting your posting will be with some real life examples and details. When you do that, candidates will be able to see themselves in the position, and are more likely to apply.

Make the ideal candidate feel as though you are talking to them about what is important to them. Let’s drop old fashioned terms like “the successful candidate” and “he/she” when describing the job. Avoid the “we are looking for…” perspective. Write the posting as if you were talking to them. This should focus on creating a compelling description about how the position contains what is important to the candidate and what they are looking for.

Write the posting as if you are talking to them about the things that are important to them; don’t make it all about your company. You know a lot about the candidates, so answer their initial and most important questions in your posting. Let them know what makes this position important to the company, and why it’s a great career choice.

Lastly, add something that speaks to what they are passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you’re recruiting for a customer service rep, CEO of a health system, product manager, Director of Talent Acquisition, GM of a company subsidiary, inside sales rep or anything in between.

People in any position are passionate about some aspect of that position. Call that out; speak to it. Your posting will certainly stand out, and give the candidates something they won’t find in other postings—details, examples, answers to their questions, and even how what they are passionate about can be found in your position.

Here’s hoping your postings and sourcing get you lots of fabulous, qualified candidates!

For more process and profit improvements, check out my updated book on Amazon: The Consultative Recruiter.

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