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Secret Sauce for Getting More Candidates

school of fish

Question from a Recruiter I seem to be struggling to find enough qualified candidates even though I’m sourcing people on LinkedIn. Should I be looking for more job boards, more sourcing techniques or??? My Thoughts: I’ve been recruiting for more years than I want to see in writing and absolutely …

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The Chicken-Egg Question for Consultative Recruiters

chicken egg

Here is the question: Hiring Managers want you to be their consultative recruiter, and you want to do consultative recruiting. What comes first: they “let” you do your thing or you just start doing it? We have been called into many companies to assist either with a difficult search or …

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HM Says My Candidate is Over Qualified. Now What?

While this can be a frustrating experience, it can actually work out to your advantage because: It gives you a chance to get to know the hiring manager a little better. You get to exercise your questioning skills. The hiring manager will see you differently as a result of this …

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Why These People are Happy & Your HM Is Not

These people are that often reviled group known as job jumpers. Even today, many hiring managers may immediately discount a great candidate for being a job jumper. Here are some points from a great article by Dr. John Sullivan. You probably know these already, but there is great info here …

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