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Questions You’ll Be Glad You Asked


NOTE: Ask these even if you think you know the answers (and you probably do) because you need to know what the hiring manager is really thinking. What makes this a great career opportunity? What is happening in the company overall, this portion of the company, etc., that would be …

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Take A Different Route To Get Your HMs to Change

As recruiters, we can provide an incredible service to our hiring managers by helping them understand how to do their best hiring possible. But if you’re finding that your traditional methods aren’t working, here is a more covert way to share critical information. Sharing some of this information about Elon …

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Secret Sauce for Getting More Candidates

school of fish

Question from a Recruiter I seem to be struggling to find enough qualified candidates even though I’m sourcing people on LinkedIn. Should I be looking for more job boards, more sourcing techniques or??? My Thoughts: I’ve been recruiting for more years than I want to see in writing and absolutely …

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The Chicken-Egg Question for Consultative Recruiters

chicken egg

Here is the question: Hiring Managers want you to be their consultative recruiter, and you want to do consultative recruiting. What comes first: they “let” you do your thing or you just start doing it? We have been called into many companies to assist either with a difficult search or …

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HM Says My Candidate is Over Qualified. Now What?

While this can be a frustrating experience, it can actually work out to your advantage because: It gives you a chance to get to know the hiring manager a little better. You get to exercise your questioning skills. The hiring manager will see you differently as a result of this …

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The Ideal Time for You to Write Job Postings

  You probably know by now I feel strongly that using job descriptions for your postings is the best way to prolong a search, often to the pain point where we’re soooo tired of working on it! Job descriptions simply do not convey enough of the good stuff to excite and …

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