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Why These People are Happy & Your HM Is Not

These people are that often reviled group known as job jumpers. Even today, many hiring managers may immediately discount a great candidate for being a job jumper. Here are some points from a great article by Dr. John Sullivan. You probably know these already, but there is great info here …

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Why Finding Great Candidates Isn’t Enough

What Really Makes You A Successful Recruiter in the Eyes of Management & Hiring Managers? As a new recruiter (more years ago than I can bear to read in print), I “learned” that candidates were my success currency. That conclusion was the message of the 20 minutes of training I got. …

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The Real World Disaster of a Bad Hire

Bad Hire: Calculate what it Really Costs! This is an interesting calculator to help your hiring managers really get the cost of a bad hire and see the value of the strategies you are putting in place. Everyone says they “know” bad hire costs, but showing people real albeit estimated …

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Want to Have More Credibility & Control?

A Secret Way to have more Credibility and Influence with your hiring managers! Asking These Questions Will Do Exactly That–and Fast!  Getting more credibility with your hiring managers is a good thing, right? You’ll be amazed at how positively your hiring managers will react when you ask these great questions. Download …

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All You Need is a Commitment–and Here is How to Get it!

This works the first time and every time. Get the information and decisions you need without having to push back or conducting one of those  email and call campaigns which just drive you and your hiring manager crazy. http://www.theconsultativerecruiter.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Give-me-a-Commitment.pdf           Let’s talk about how you can be sure that …

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