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Help Your Hiring Managers Make a Hiring Decision

How to Work with Hiring Managers who Just Want to See More & More Resumes “I’ll know it when I see it” is often code for “I’m not really sure what I am looking for.” This analysis helps them–and you! When you do a launch conversation with your hiring manager, …

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The unkindest cut of all…is it deserved?

Many times when talent acquisition leaders ask us for assistance in coaching their recruiters, they say the awful “O” word—order taker. They want help transitioning recruiters from order takers to business partners/trusted advisors, etc. Have I found teams where recruiters are functioning as order takers? Yes. Are hiring managers happy …

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Questions Order-Takers Don’t Ask

Questions Order-Takers Don’t Ask Click on the link above to get great questions you’ll use every day! Pick, choose, modify as you wish. Ask as many as you can. My motto is keep asking questions until it becomes clear you shouldn’t ask any more—at least not in this meeting. When you ask …

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Do This Before You Start Working on a New Req

Ask this question even if you know the answer I have no doubt you can give candidates compelling messages about what makes your position exciting, good for their career, etc. So why would I want you to ask your hiring managers why they think it’s a great opportunity? For these …

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