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The Issues Lurking in “Time-to-Fill”

Time-to-fill could be a great way to see where there are issues unnecessarily adding time to the time it takes to fill positions. But the traditional way to calculate time-to-fill misses those issues. So, you may be evaluated on a statistic that does not tell the whole story. Unfortunately, time-to-fill …

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Candidates Come and Go, But Hiring Managers* are….

*this is not to throw hiring managers under the bus—I get they have a lot on their plate. But if they aren’t giving you the time, information, etc., that you need, let’s guide them to changing that. Finding great candidates is absolutely essential.  I believe that recruiters are doing exactly …

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Getting Hiring Managers to Commit: 1st Step

I have a variety of easy techniques that have helped me develop strong business partner relationships with hiring managers. I developed and used these in both corporate and agency environments, and would love to share them in case they are helpful to you in developing even stronger relationships with your …

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