When “Playing Nice” Backfires: How to Lose Credibility While Trying to Accommodate Your Hiring Managers


Recently one of the recruiters I’ve been coaching shared a challenge she had with some of her hiring managers. She admitted she had probably created the situation when she started working with a new group of hiring managers, prompted by wanting them to be like her. So in those first few weeks, she gave them special attention, often neglecting other hiring managers so she could spend more time on the reqs for the new group, let the new hiring …

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OMG The HM Wants to See More & More!

source: CC BY-NC-ND by Kalexanderson

picture source:.flickr.com/people/kalexanderson We’ve all had this happen: just when we thought there would probably be an offer made to one of your great candidates, the HM tells you they want to see more candidates. Even though the ones you’ve sent so far meet the requirements, they ask “Got any more resumes?” …

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